Technical Architecture

A superior technical architecture ensures higher availability, reliable service and peace of mind. Our technologies are built to perform under high volume data transactions without compromising the speed, accuracy and security of these transactions.
  • Built in Java Java is known for its robustness, security and cross-platform capabilities. Ease of use and modular architecture makes it the number one choice for enterprise grade software.
  • Scalable Your website can go from serving a few hundred visitors to a few million without any hiccups. Cart2Order runs on a highly scalable cloud infrastructure that automatically adjusts its capacity according to the load times.
  • Secure Multi-tiered architecture puts your data behind several layers of security. We follow the best security practices in the industry to ensure highest levels of data security. All websites on our platform have a valid SSL security certificate that appears in the web browsers.
  • Fast Our load balancers route every request to the most available servers helping your websites offer a blazing fast performance to its visitors. Our proprietary database monitoring tools provide deep insights into data access speeds.
  • API Based JSON Platform is our proprietary data exchange platform that serves as the core data layer for Cart2Order. Integrate your website with third party systems quickly and easily.
  • Component Framework Elastic component framework helps add, modify & extend functional areas of the websites enabling the implementation of complex functionality in a very short time.
  • Velocity Templates We use velocity template language VTL for both website and email templates. VTL is a well documented and easy to learn template language that can be mastered by most web designers within a matter of hours.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cart2Order runs on AWS . Benefits include unlimited cloud storage, reliable email & text message delivery and highly accurate tracking of various technical statistics responsible for its flawless operation.

All-in-One Platform

A website is a complete business operation.
An end-to-end platform makes it easier to manage the operation.
Content Editor

Add new web pages or update the content on existing pages with an easy to use content editor that works on a very different concept designed especially for non-technical users.


Every aspect of B2C & B2B commerce is readily available within the system. Cart2Order encapsulates the most advanced concepts in e-commerce to help you sell online with confidence.

Forms & Data Management

Capture visitor data with various forms using the flexible contact component. All the incoming data is automatically segmented into different marketing lists for targeting purposes.

Email Marketing

Create & run email marketing campaigns to target the marketing lists with a few simple clicks. Customize the ready to use email templates using the same content editor used to update the web pages.

Marketing Automation

Nurture relationships by setting up triggers to send a sequence of emails to any website visitor who chooses to take actions such as submitting a form, signing up for a service or subscribing to newsletters etc.


Built-in messaging tools help communicate with website visitors and customers. Use instant messaging, email or text to stay in touch with your entire network right through your website's communication portal.

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed and comprehensive views into various statistics to run a data driven business operation. Website traffic, sales reports & email views are some of the key indicators of the effectiveness of your content and messaging.

Easy to Use

Every feature is designed for non-technical users. We have spent numerous hours designing a user experience that focuses on business users with little to no technical expertise.


Elastic Component Framework

Elastic component framework helps add, modify & extend functional areas of the websites.

What are components?
Components are functional modules that can be added to your website without the need to rebuild or redesign the entire website.

How does it work?
There is an existing library of commonly used components that can be enabled on any website. New functionality can be rolled out as new components that can be programmed easily.

When do I need it?
When you need certain features on the website that are specific to your business or industry then components are a great way to extend the functionality while utilizing all the other platform features.

Velocity Template Technology

Velocity Template Language VTL is a well documented and easy to learn template language.
Code Editor Built-in code editor provides fine grained control over the design and functionality of the website. There are no system limitations on how you present information and transform the user experiences.
Modular Architecture All the templates are packed with a variety of page modules that can quickly be added to pages without any coding. These modules can be customized in lots of different ways to produce unique and exciting web pages.
Flexible Layouts Layout based architecture helps replicate similar looking pages quickly and easily. Setup multiple layouts to create a unique and engaging visitor experience while presenting the information in creative ways.